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I can’t pair my njoiii Key Finder

  • njoiii Key Finder is to far from your phone.

> Place your njoiii Key Finder closer to your phone (within 4 inches) when pairing.


  • You are not using iTrackEasy app.

> Please download iTrackEasy app and pair with the device.


  • Android: There are too many other Bluetooth devices being connected with your phone, which would make pairing fail. Some Android phones can only connect 2 or 3 Bluetooth devices at the same time.

> Disconnect other Bluetooth devices.

> Reset Bluetooth and try pairing again.


  • For some Android phones Bluetooth is not stable, Bluetooth glitches lead to failed pairing.

> Reset Bluetooth and try pairing again.

> For Android phone users we suggest you pair only 2–4 devices to your phone, but please note that for some Android phones, the Bluetooth connection may             become unstable even if they are connected only with 2—4 Bluetooth devices. Please reduce the connected devices number accordingly if you encounter this         problem. 


  • When you press and hold the button on your njoiii Key Finder and there is no beep sound your battery is running low.

> Replace the battery (2032)



For Android phones: Every time I open the iTrackEasy app, my njoiii Key Finder is disconnected or when the iTrackEasy app is in the background, I can’t ring my phone with the njoiii Key Finder.

  • When the phone screen is locked, the phone will automatically shut down the iTrackEasy app, so your njoiii Key Finder is disconnected.

> Enter “Setting” =>> Battery=>> “Close apps on screen lock”, set iTrackEasy app as “won’t be closed”.


  • Some anti—virus software kills the iTrackEasy app that is running in the background, so your njoiii Key Finder cannot ring your phone.

> Enter anti—virus software, add iTrackEasy to white list or protected apps.



My njoiii Key Finder disconnected when it is near me, but the map shows the disconnected location is very far from my current location.

  • Location access is not allowed

> Allow the iTrackEasy app to access your location in your phone.


  • You are currently in a indoor environment. GPS is not available in such an environment, so your phone will locate via Wi-Fi or base station, it is not precise.

> njoiii Key Finder relies on your smart phone’s GPS to locate and record the position. If GPS is not available, the phone will locate via Wi-Fi or base station. Phone         locating priority and position error: GPS (10-50m), Wi-Fi (100-200m)—Base Station (hundreds of meters to miles). That’s why sometimes the location is not precise, because it might be positioning via base station


  • You are currently in a outdoor environment with tall buildings that might block the GPS signal so the positioning is not precise.

> No solution.



Phone does not sound alert when the njoiii Key Finder and phone are disconnected.

  • “Phone Alert” is off.

> Turn on “Phone Alert” in iTrackEasy app.


  • “Safe Wi-Fi area” is on, and your phone is now connected to the trusted Wi-Fi that you set up.

> The phone won’t sound alert if your njoiii Key Finder disconnected in safe Wi-Fi area, please turn “Safe Wi-Fi-Area” off and try again.


  • “Sleep Mode” is on and the time is just within the “Sleep Mode” period you set.

> Turn off “Sleep Mode”.


  • iPhone: Your phone is in silent mode.

> Turn your phone into ring mode


  • iPhone: Notification is not allowed.

> Allow iTrackEasy app notification.



There is no notification when your njoiii Key Finder is disconnected.

  • iTrackEasy app notification is not allowed.

> Allow iTrackEasy app notification.



My njoiii Key Finder is next to my phone but sometimes it disconnects or has a sound alert (with “Tracker Alert” on).

  • Your phone is connected to another Bluetooth device, such as a Bluetooth speaker, which sometimes may cause Bluetooth to be unstable and lead to njoiii Key Finder alert.

> Try disconnecting other Bluetooth devices and check to see if there is still a false alert.


  • Some phones Bluetooth will occasionally disconnect when making a call.

> Turn off “Tracker Alert” function when making a call.


  • Android phones: When the iTrackEasy app is running in the background, the operating system kills the iTrackEasy app to save energy. Also some anti-virus software will kill the iTrackEasy app that is running in the background, this will cause the njoiii Key Finder to disconnect and make a false alert sound.

> Set “not remove iTrackEasy app” in the phone settings.

> Enter anti-virus software, add iTrackEasy to white list or protected apps.


  • In crowded places, there are too many Bluetooth or Wi-Fi devices, so your smart phone Bluetooth signal is interfered and not stable.

> Turn off “Tracker Alert” in such environment.



I’m asked to enter a PIN when trying to pair my njoiii Key Finder with my phone, what is this PIN?

  • You are trying to pair your njoiii Key Finder via your phone’s Bluetooth setting directly.

> Download the iTrackEasy App and pair your njoiii Key Finder via app only.



My njoiii Key Finder battery lasts only a few days.

  • The battery is running out.

> Replace a new battery (2032). After replacing the battery if the same problem occurs the product might be defective. Please contact info@njoiii.com for         solutions.



The range is very short.

  • In a indoor environment there are too many obstructions like walls, doors, furniture, that block the Bluetooth signal, so the Bluetooth connection distance might be less than 15 meters.

> No solution.


  • The current environment has other wireless interference. Such as a shopping mall or area with a large number of people using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi devices. The bluetooth range is usually shorter in these environments.

> No solution.



My phone sounds an alert when my njoiii Key Finder is in my pocket.

  • The button is being pressed and held accidentally.

> You can select “Disable Phone Find” in the iTrackEasy app to stop phone alert.



iPhone:  When trying to log in on the app it tells me “check internet connection”, but internet connection is good.

  • Not allowing the iTrackEasy app to use data.

> Enter “Settings=>>iTrackEasy=>>WLAN & Cellular, allow iTrackEasy to use data.