The njoiii Community

 "I love my new njoiii key finder! Super easy to set up (took about 2 minutes). Not only can it find your keys, but if you press the button on the key finder, it will locate your phone for you too! And lastly, it triples as a remote for easy, hands-free photo snapping! Love it! And if you're like me and get really depressed every time you order something online and realize how much unnecessary plastic and paper gets wasted in packaging, you'll be pleased to know that the njoiii key finder comes in very minimal packaging so as not to negatively impact the environment."

- Kathryn 

 "Perfect little device for locating easy to lose objects. I have a small flip-key for my car and I'm always losing It! I no longer have to worry when I am rushing to get to the gym, or work and need to find my key in a hurry! The app is easy to download and use too."

- Niki D

 "Great product that I highly recommend. Very easy to set up, it just took seconds. Map locator is also much better that other products offer and as is the noise if the item is misplaced. This device is much better than other finder devices that I have used in the past. I bought one and I just bought another".

- Arthur

 "I have never lost my keys since purchasing this item. The app is user friendly and it's overall great quality. One feature I love about this key finder, is that I can write to the manufacture about what I don't like and where it could use improvements, straight from the app itself".

- Tomer 

 "This is a great little product, I have been testing it around my office all week and I am pretty impressed. Considering the price point we plan to purchase units for our company vehicles and valuable equipment. I am also going to permanently attach one to my apple tv remote as that darn thing disappears on a weekly basis..."

- Roger

 "Love the device! It is SO easy to set up and to use. The directions couldn’t be simpler. It’s is very affordable as a gift and I’m giving one to everyone in my family this year."

- Nandina

 "I love this product! I am always misplacing my keys and it really helps me keep track of them! It's very easy to set up and I like that it is lightweight and compact, not bulky. I will definitely be buying more... great stocking stuffer gifts!"

- Alisa

 "I love my njoiii key finder! The replaceable battery option is great! I have purchased other key finders in the past and the njoiii is my favorite! I love the quality of the product. The plastic is very sturdy and feels great in my hand. The find your phone option and remote selfie button are amazing! The app is user friendly and easy to set up. I attached it to my dog's collar which has been a life saver! She is always running around and it is a relief to always know where she is. I will be ordering more for gifts. Thank you njoiii!"

- C. T.

 "Perfect product. Has saved me plenty of time and stress already... I misplace my keys and wallet too frequently, and Njoiii has helped me already within the first several weeks of owning two."


 "I love the simplicity and functionality of this device. It has helped me find my keys countless times! I love the added feature of setting an alarm off on my phone if I have misplaced that as well!"

- D. C.


- D. K.

 "I need one of these for everything I own! I walk out of the house every day without either my key or my phone and spend so much time (when I'm already 5 minutes late for leaving!!!) looking for it all! In the few days I've had it it's saved me so much time! Thank you! Planning to purchase a few for the holidays in white elephants! Such a fun practical gift!"

- Joesph