njoiii Step-By-Step Pairing Guide and How to Use All njoiii Options Guide 

Step 1: Download the iTrackEasy App from the App Store or Google Play

Step 2: Turn on your phone’s (device’s) bluetooth

Step 3: Sign up for New User or sign into the iTrackEasy App

Step 4: If starting on the “Device List” screen click the plus (+) in the top right of your phone’s (device’s) screen to add a new njoiii, then click Smart Tracker on the    “Add New Device” screen. If starting from “Add New Device” screen click “Smart Tracker.”

Step 5: Hold the njoiii within 2 inches of your phone (device) to pair on the “Add Tracker” screen. Hold the button on the njoiii until you hear a beep and the LED starts flashing - Then tap next on the “Add Tracker” screen to pair. If pairing does not pair the first time please go through the pairing steps again.

Step 6: When the njoiii connects you will be brought to the “Add New Item” screen. Here you can click on an icon to describe what your njoiii will be connected to or you can rename it or add a photo. When you have chosen what you would like to name your njoiii click DONE in the top right of your screen. Now you are all set up!

Step 7: Now you have been brought to the “Device List Screen.” Click on your connected njoiii and you will be brought to the “Main” screen. 

From your “Main” screen you can ring your njoiii to find your items by pressing the “ring” button the iTrackEasy App. You can take selfie photos by clicking the “selfie button” to access your camera and then clicking the button on the njoiii to take a picture.

Step 8: Scroll your screen to the left and you will see 2 separation alarms. Toggle them on to learn more about the functions of the separation alarms.

When the “Phone Alert" separation alarm is turned on your phone (device) will beep when it is disconnected from your njoiii.

When the “Tracker Alert” separation alarm is turned on your njoiii will beep when it is disconnected from your phone (device).

Step 9: Go to your “Device List” screen and click the gear icon. That is your “Settings” screen. Here you can change the alarm for the phone finder option. 

To “Find Your Phone” hold down the button on your njoiii for 2-3 seconds and your phone's (device’s) alarm will sound. Your phone (device) can be on vibrate or silent but please make sure your phone's (device’s) internal volume is turned up so you can hear the alarm. Here you can also connect to a trusted wifi source and adjust your “Sleep Mode” to avoid alerts.

Step 10: Click on the “Map Icon” to see where you njoiii is located on a map.

The njoiii Bluetooth Key Finder uses your phone’s Bluetooth (BLE 4.0) to track items (with obstacles in the way of your bluetooth signal) 65 - 98 feet indoors and up to 198 feet outdoors (line of sight range). You must be logged into the iTrackEasy App and it must be running in the background for the tracking capabilities to work.

“Mark as Lost” - When your njoiii is lost go to your “Main” screen. Click on the “Map” button and you can see the last known location of your lost njoiii. If you click on “Mark as Lost” our njoiii “Community Search Network” will help you look for it. When other users of the iTrackEasy app pass by your lost item their app will send you the location of your lost item. Our Wireless njoiii Community Network and Navigational Guidance will help you find and retrieve your lost item using Apple or Google maps.

njoiii is compatible with Android devices and iPhone, iPad, iPad touch that support Bluetooth (BLE 4.0) and operating systems Android 4.3 and newer and IOS 8.0 and newer. Just download the iTrackEasy app to get started.

njoiii comes with two CR2032 batteries - one extra battery to use as a backup power source.