How do you download the "iTrackEasy" App? Is the app compatible with all IOS and Android versions?

You can search "iTrackEasy" in the App Store or Google Play, or scan the QR code in the user guide or on the box to download. It is compatible with IOS 8.0 or newer, Android 4.3 or newer.

Can I pair my njoiii key finder to more than one phone?

You can pair more than one njoiii key finder to the same phone. If you are trying to pair your njoiii to another  phone, you have to delete or disconnect the device from your phone first and then pair with a different phone.

How can I change the iTrackEasy App language?

The app automatically adapts to the language of your phone. (if your phone language is German, when you open the app it will change to German accordingly). The languages the app supports are English,German, French, Czech, Italian, Thai, Polish, Persian and Russian. If your phone language is not in our app supported language list the default language of the app is English.

Does the App consume a lot of battery power? Does Bluetooth drain my battery quickly?

According to our testing, the iTrackEasy app consumes less then 3% battery in 24 hours.

The Bluetooth is BLE4.0, which means "Bluetooth Low Energy". The overall battery consumption is very small.

If you do not need to use your njoiii key finder you can turn off Bluetooth. When you would like to use your njoiii key finder you can turn on your Bluetooth and iTrackEasy app. The app will automatically search for your njoiii key finder and reconnect.

How long does the njoiii key finder battery last?

In general, the battery life is 6 - 12 months. If you ring your njoiii key finder frequently the battery life would be shorter. A great option compared to other key finders is that the battery is replaceable.  The type of battery used is: 2032

Why do I need "Always" permission for the app location? When the app is running in the background, does it still access my location? Does the app consume a lot of my phones battery while locating in the background?

The iTrackEasy app relies on the phone's GPS to record iTrack locations. When the njoiii key finder is disconnected from the phone, the app uses the phone's GPS location as the njoiii's disconnected location.

The njoiii key finder may be disconnected in the background, when that happens the app needs to record the disconnected location, so the app "Always" needs permission, which means then even running in the background, the positioning permission is still needed.

How many njoiii key finders can be connected to a phone?

For android phones, we suggest connecting 2 - 4 njoiii key finders to a phone. For IOS phones we suggest a maximum of 5 njoiii key finders. The more bluetooth devices that are connected the more unstable the Bluetooth connection would be.

What is "Mark as Lost"? My njoiii key finder was lost a long time ago, why hasn't it been found yet?

If your njoiii is lost, select "Mark as Lost". When any iTrackEasy app user with his or her app running on their phone (foreground or background) comes near your lost njoiii, you may receive a "device found" notification. If you haven't received a notification there hasn't been any users within range of you lost njoiii key finder.

If I have questions/problems with my device or app, how can I get help?

Enter your questions in: iTrackEasy app =>Setting=>feedback and submit. We will answer your question within 48 hours. You can also email all questions to and we have a member of the njoiii Team contact you with help.

What are "Safe Wi-Fi Area" and "Sleep Mode"?

If "Safe Wi-Fi Area" or "Sleep Mode" is on and you are on a trusted Wi-Fi network or if your current time is in "Sleep Mode" time range, then the phone alert and Tracker Alert are disabled. This setting will avoid you being disturbed when you do not want any alerts from your device.

How can I distinguish different njoiii's if I pair more than one device to my phone?

You can edit different names and photos for different njoiii key finders.

Is the njoiii key finder a GPS Tracker? Can it be used to track an items live location?

No. njoiii uses Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 (BLE) technology (not GPS technology) to help locate your missing items; it can only track your items in Bluetooth range. It cannot be used in real time location tracking.

I haven't used my njoiii key finder in a long time. Is there any way to save battery life?

Yes. Select "Turn off device" in the iTrackEasy app. After turning the device off, the battery energy can be saved for 1 - 2 years.