njoiii has teamed up with The Clean Earth Project to help clean up our communities and our environment

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njoiii is a proud partner and sponsor of The Clean Earth Project. The Clean Earth Project’s community and environmental waste cleanups and cleanup initiatives play an important role in the cleanup of our oceans, beaches, rivers, forests, roads, towns and cities. 

A portion of every njoiii purchase is donated to The Clean Earth Project to help with their environmental and community cleanups. 

TCEP plays an integral role in raising awareness for our communities about the importance of a clean environment and how “environmental health” will affect the quality of life for people, our wildlife and our planet’s health. 

Their community and environmental cleanups play an integral role in cleaning up habitats for all people and wildlife giving us all a cleaner planet to live on. Trash in our oceans and on land have a negative effect on the quality of life for all. 

TCEP works hard so our generation and future generations can have the highest quality of life and are able to enjoy our wonderful planet. 

We are proud to support The Clean Earth Project and their clean up initiatives.

If your community would like to partner with The Clean Earth Project please click here!

Clean up your environment and njoiii life!